Privacy Policy

Membership Orders - "Auto-Renew"

When buying a membership item The Daily Pet Packet will naturally charge you for every future shipment of that item, and you approve The Daily Pet Packet to charge your record until you drop by reaching us at You recognize that any early on limits, except if in any case determined, are just material to the underlying request and every single future request will be charged at the typical item cost.

Returns and Exchanges

On the off chance that an item you get is blemished, you may return it and we will send you another thing or credit your record for the estimation of that thing. To demand a discount, if it's not too much trouble get in touch with us at Discounts are at the sole carefulness of The Daily Pet Packet.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We ensure each thing in the crate since we make a solid effort to source things that we feel sure you will adore. On the off chance that under any conditions you get a thing that doesn't satisfy your measures we will make it right. The Daily Pet Packet maintains all authority to either supplant the thing with another of equivalent or incredible worth, discount you the estimation of the thing, or credit your record the estimation of the thing pertinent to future requests. We sadly can't offer a full discount on a crate on the off chance that you are discontent with chosen things. On the off chance that The Daily Pet Packet whenever feels just as we can't convey a good encounter for a client we maintain whatever authority is needed to end the membership and every single future request.

Enrollment Cancellations

We obviously might want to make your participation an extraordinary encounter anyway you may drop your arrangement whenever before your next charging cycle installment. You are allowed to drop your arrangement whenever – under any circumstances please get in touch with us at We may end your participation under any conditions whenever. On the off chance that The Daily Pet Packet ends your prepaid enrollment while there are a long time of administration staying, at The Daily Pet Packet's sole caution, you will either get an acknowledgment for unused months or a discount of the sum paid for the rest of the months. To the degree you post photos of at least one pet on our site, that of Instagram, which is connected or labeled to our site, or to some other site or using any application, in any of which cases the photograph(s) can be seen on our site, you agree to our utilization of your pets" pictures by us and you award us a nonexclusive, eminence free, never-ending permit to have and show these pictures and photos. By no means will any past, present or future client of the Daily Pet Packet's, gain any protected innovation rights, interests or licenses from being permitted access to, and the utilization of, The Daily Pet Packet's site.